He Xiudong vocals and instruments

Recorded by Yasuhiro Morinaga

Video 09:30 min

Extrusion is a video about forms of presentation. It paints a portrait of He Xiudong, a Dongba shaman priest from Lijiang, Yunnan Province, Southwest China. Dongba play a major role in Naxi culture and preach harmony between man and nature. Religious rituals, dances, and readings are conducted on request of the community to appropriate the spirits, as they are believed to be living in every part of the natural world. 


Globalization is carrying to the formerly remote communities of the foothills of the Himalaya a series of economic, political and social transformations. Changes in the way of life lead the people to lose the references to which most of their old culture is related. While the Naxi have cherished a sentiment that related their lives to one land and a common heritage, the introduction of modern medicine changed forever the traditional concept of sickness, as well as the pivotal role of Dongba in Naxi communities; the generalization of curriculum education make them forget ancient uses and folkways; the commoditization of the most outstanding characteristics of their culture carries the danger to make them forget the original meaning of their most sacred concepts in the past. 


The historic and World Heritage-listed town of Lijiang has been transformed from a relatively isolated town to a major domestic and international tourist destination. Instead of showing the Dongba performing rituals in a traditional costume, Extrusion paints an intimate portrait of the Dongba priest by showing a single shot video of his childhood bedroom at his father’s house in the mountain village where he grew up. The music is He Xiudong performing a Chant about the Origin of Naxi Culture, followed by a Chant for Love Suicide.

Thanks to Lijiang Studio, Jay Brown, He Xiudong


So, We Meet Each Other and Here it Goes


Video 24:29 min

A conversation between He Xiudong, Jay Brown, director of Lijiang Studio and Hanne Van Dyck when showing the video Extrusion to He Xiudong.

Recorded in He Xiudong's house in Lijiang on July 14, 2018.

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