Moments of Immersion and Understanding, Followed by Distance and Objectivity II


Inkjet prints 75 x 150 cm, corrugated iron

The Camel's Space, Lijiang China

Performance by Kitamari 



We collected old, unused pieces of corrugated iron in the village of Lashihai, Lijiang, China, each time having a conversation about how these objects would become art during the exhibition. The corrugated iron was installed together with prints of glaciers in Switzerland that are rapidly disappearing. This as a reference to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, the southernmost glacier in the Northern Hemisphere and a holy mountain for the Naxi community. According to the legend, it is the embodiment of Sanduo, the god of the Naxi community, it is also a place where lovers went to sacrifice their young lives in honor of true love and to escape from the arranged marriages and feudal ethics. Although the mountain is visible from the village on a cloudless day, people don't go there anymore since it's been taken over by tourism, you can now reach the peak by standing in line for the cable car. For the exhibition, we cleaned up the ‘Camel’s Space’, that used to be a horse-resting place on the Tea-Horse trade route, and now is a communal space, still used as a resting place for horses and for late-night drinking.

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Thanks to He Jixing and Lijiang Studio