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Playing on the Wasteland, Living at the Margins interdisciplinary project

  in between living and surviving on the wasteland marketplace


Khayma intervention

  stitches in between connection and tradition

The Rock Became the Object Itself   installation/performance  

  in between superstitious belief and poetry

Battlefield of the Soul performance

   a story of other-becoming

A Fly In A Salon performance

   storytelling in between languages


Sugar Falls In Water publication

  a cannibalistic love story about solitude, silence, and isolation


Home of the Brave performance

  a poetic sound experiment 

Nafas dance performance

  a dance in empty spaces

Equally Unreal performance

  a meditation on the in-between 


Extrusion video

  in between understanding and representing 


Crush Barrier video

  in between myself and a stone 


Moments of Immersion and Understanding, Followed by Distance and Objectivity II intervention

  tactile memories 


Moments of Immersion and Understanding, Followed by Distance and Objectivity I installation

  in between standing and falling 


Notes for Mountaintops video installation

  a requiem 


Notes on a Mountaintop publication

  in between myself and a mountaintop

Impressions publication

  ghost stories


Lecture For Plants: Self-Development According to the Law of Nature video installation

  in between confidence and consequence 

First She Was an Explorer jewelry series

  on travelling and arriving 


Map of a Mountain map

  in between there and thereafter


Until All Signs of Men Disappeared installation

  on silence 


Re-Imagining a Palm Tree installation

  in between myself and a palm tree 


The Impossibility of Looking at a Palm Tree as Reality video

  there it is 


Wanderings installation

  a longing for physical philosophy 


Framing the Perception of the Self as an Ephemeral Action installation

  close your eyes 


Dettifoss installation

  in between myself and a waterfall 




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