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Nafas, 2018

Performance, +- 25 min

Concept: Mohamed Lamqayssi and Hanne Van Dyck

Choreography and performance: Mohamed Lamqayssi

Text and video: Hanne Van Dyck

Regard exterieur: Taoufiq Izaddiou

Thanks: Nedjma Hadj Benchalbi

Video Abdelmoumin El Alami


Friche la belle de Mai - Marseille

Association On Marche - Marrakech


Performed at DANSEM #21 dance festivalFriche la Belle de Mai, Marseille FR and On Marche Dance Festival, Marrakech MA

Dancer/choreographer Mohamed Lamqayssi and visual artist/writer Hanne Van Dyck reflect on the relationship between context and identity. How does external information construct the behavior and thoughts of a person? How does knowledge shape our illusionary path to the truth? Can we change our perception of the world while preserving our identity?

Nafas, a breath, talks about the empty space that is created when changing contexts. Inspired by the way Al-Hallaj, a Persian mystic, poet and teacher of Sufism uses line diagrams and symbols to express things he cannot put into words, Van Dyck and Lamqayssi construct a shared ocean of understanding by combining movement, text, video, and sound.

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