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The Rock Became the Object Itself, 2019

​The Rock Became the Object Itself is an installation about chouaffas and Moroccan fortune telling cards. Chouaffas are clairvoyantes who use Karta, handreadings, and shapes formed out of melted lead, to predict the future and offer psychological support, in search for answers concerning marriage, children or the loyalty of a husband. Their practice has become largely marginalized, on one side it’s not accepted by religion and on the other because many of them practice black magic. The Rock Became the Object Itself tells a personal story based on different readings from chouaffas in the medina of Marrakech and on a molybdomancy by Fatima Mehdi. The story revolves around transformation, desires and mirroring behaviours wherein bricks and suits are the construction blocks of a transformation field of fictional figures in search of magic.


Molybdomancy (divination using molten metal) by Fatima Mehdi, pictures by Abdelhak Acim, dance by Sunru Carter.

Presented at:

| MA / W∀|, LE18, Marrakech, curated by Francesca Masoero

" hORIEzoNTALISME ", curated by Youness Atbane, Artorium -  Fondation TGCC & Institut Francais Casablanca  

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