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For the selfpersonal milestones, pregnancy, illness, healing, retirement , partnership, menopause, ...
have a quilt made for yourself when you hit a milestone in your healing journey, make one from old clothes that you are still attached to but that you can no longer wear due to an illness or operation, have a baby quilt made from your maternity clothes, organise a retirement quilt for a colleague after years of dedication

Through loss: death of a loved one, relationship loss, abortion, infertility, ....
honour a person you lost by making a quilt from their favourite textiles and use it to keep you warm, make a quilt out of shared textiles as a memory of a loved one, make a quilt when you divorce that your children can keep with them

Stories For Inanna  aims to be an antidote to our current dystopian time, honoring the unique, imperfect and intuitive.  By recognising the importance of marking significant life passages that are individually and collectively meaningful, and by mindfully creating conscious rituals that honor and celebrate the unique processes of our lives, we can become more present for ourselves.

Quilts are made since generations to offer comfort and support in transitional moments, they tell stories, both happy and sad, planned for and unexpected. They bring connection and a sense of meaning during periods where the old is leaving us and the new is not yet defined.

To create a quilt, the first step is to listen to your story. What process are you going through? What is your desire, your vision for the quilt, and how can we tell  this in a meaningful way? We also think about how you see the quilt being used in the future, it could become a blanket or a piece of art to hang on the wall.  If the quilt is meant for another person, it would be nice to get a sense of who they are. We discuss technical details like price, size, and design. Stories for Inanna are told for individuals and for whole communities.

Next, you collect the fabrics and send/bring them to me (Brussels, Belgium). I will create a design with them, sending you updates and photos along the way. This
 will take around 4-8 weeks to complete, depending if there is a waiting list.  If you want to make the process even more meaningful, it is possible to do the quilting yourself.

Once the quilt is ready, there is the possibility to create a closing ceremony or ritual. This could be a celebration, a walk, a moment where everyone who gifted a piece of textile comes together, … Depending on your needs, it is possible for me to be present during the ceremony.
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Quilt made for grandma with textiles from her children, grandchildren, and textiles from her old home when she moved into a nursing home.

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I am a visual artist with a deep fascination for transformation, liminal space, and rituals. I conducted long-term research in different cultures. I participated in exhibitions and projects, worldwide and in residencies in China, Switzerland, and Morocco, where I lived for five years and researched trance healing ceremonies and the connection between humans, nature, and the spirit world. These experiences infused my art and life with a unique perspective on transformation and the power of art as a catalyst for change.

I am committed to guiding people through moments of transition by focussing on transformation and growth, as well as on grounding and rooting. I am trained as an intuitive coach and reiki practitioner, I guide creative workshops, women’s circles, silent walks, and founded a laboratory for interdisciplinary artist collaborations. For the past ten years, I have practiced meditation, yoga and breath work. I am following an ongoing training in non violent communication and working with the medicine wheel. With Stories For Inanna, I weave together my interests and experiences. I invite you to tell your stories about the magical moments in life where growth and pain come together.


Inanna is the Queen of Heaven. Her life follows the pattern of a young woman who is courted; a ripe woman who enjoys her feminine powers and generously offers her gifts; and the mature woman who descends into the underworld to take on the powers and mysteries of death and rebirth, emerging as the goddess who rules over the sky, the earth, and the underworld.

High Priestess Enheduanna, the
earliest author and poet in the world that history knows by name, wrote three hymns to Inanna in which she praises her and asks for her help.

Patchwork made with textiles from women in the oasis of Tighmert, Morocco, which we used to create a space and came together to eat and dance, see more here.

Are you going through a transformational time ?

Do you wish to be guided in this and to honour your journey in a meaningful way?

Would you like a meaningful piece of art in your life?



Stories for Inanna = personal trajectory + handmade quilt + ceremony

a trajectory includes two preparatory in person or online meetings (60 - 90 min) + a transfer of the fabrics + (max three) design proposals + a  hand quilted quilt + communication and pictures during the process + in person meeting to hand over the quilt and discuss the ceremony + costum-made ceremony or ritual

Stories for Inanna S - 2250 €
              +- 100 x 150cm (ideal as wall hanging), quilted by yourself 

Stories For Inanna L - 4000 €
             +- 180 x 200 cm (big blanket), handquilted by me

As every story is unique, we can tailor to your needs. Feel free to reach out with any questions by sending an email to or to schedule a 20 min free call.
Stories For Inanna - From Maiden to Mother
Quilt made to grief  love that wasn't received, as an act of self-love, to make space for new life.
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