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Playing on the Wasteland, Living at the Margins - the shoreline people of Douar Koudia, 2021

Audio walk, video, zine, spoken word.

Collaboration with Alexandra Anzid Kollarova, Laila Safouate, and Dounia Terhmina

​In the framework of Ch[a]rita / السيس , a collaboration between LE 18 (within its programme QANAT) and Dar Bellarj (via the Ateliers Collectifs), in partnership with Mahal Art Space (Tangier), Om Sleiman Farm and Khalil Sakakini Centre (Ramallah), and Afrikaanderwijk Cooperation / jeanneworks (Rotterdam).

Playing on the Wasteland, Living at the Margins is an interdisciplinary project bordering between anthropology and art. It looks into the inner works of the wasteland of Douar el Koudia, located on the border of urban and peri-urban Marrakech. What happens when we shift the focus on the wasteland as a center rather than the margin? When we look at its own inner workings and interactions (or lack thereof) of the people and entities it brings together, rather than interrogating its integration into the larger city? Our aim is to present a perspective where the wasteland and its shoreline people take the central stage - as a place where identities and local cultural meanings are being constantly built, collective solidarity is weaved together, relationships are negotiated between different demographics, where history leaks into the present and where the future still rests, awaiting to transform this place once and for all.

From Living to Surviving in the Wasteland Marketplace  - audio walk by Hanne Van Dyck, translated to and narrated in Darija by Mouad Ezzaraa.

English version 
Darija version

AUDIO REPORTAGE BY Mahattat Radio – محطات راديو

Merhba, text performance by Dounia Terhnmina

Field Diary  - zine by Alexandra Anzid Kollarova

An anthropological insight into the dynamics of the research.

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