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Playing on the Wasteland, Living at the Margins interdisciplinary project

  in between living and surviving on the wasteland marketplace


Am I Wanted Here? By Whom? intervention/installation

  stitches in between connection and tradition

The Falling. The Winter liminal triptych

  in between falling and winter

The Rock Became the Object Itself installation/performance  

  in between superstitious belief and poetry

Battlefield of the Soul performance

   a story of other-becoming

A Fly In A Salon performance

   storytelling in between languages


Sugar Falls In Water publication

  a cannibalistic love story about solitude, silence, and isolation


Home of the Brave performance

  a poetic sound experiment 

Nafas dance performance

  a dance in empty spaces

Equally Unreal performance

  a meditation on the in-between 


Intrusion video

  in between understanding and representing 


What “I” or, For That Matter, “You” Really Are video

  in between myself and a stone 


Moments of Immersion and Understanding, Followed by Distance and Objectivity II intervention

  tactile memories 


Moments of Immersion and Understanding, Followed by Distance and Objectivity I installation

  in between standing and falling 


Notes for Mountaintops video installation

  a requiem 


Notes on a Mountaintop publication

  in between myself and a mountaintop

Impressions publication

  ghost stories


Lecture For Plants: Self-Development According to the Law of Nature video installation

  in between confidence and consequence 

First She Was an Explorer jewelry series

  on travelling and arriving 


Map of a Mountain map

  in between there and thereafter


Until All Signs of Men Disappeared installation

  on silence 


Re-Imagining a Palm Tree installation

  in between myself and a palm tree 


The Impossibility of Looking at a Palm Tree as Reality video

  there it is 


Wanderings installation

  a longing for physical philosophy 


Framing the Perception of the Self as an Ephemeral Action installation

  close your eyes 


Dettifoss installation

  in between myself and a waterfall 




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