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UNTITLED 14km, The Imaginary Museum of North Africa, Middle East Contemporary Art, 2019

Performance, Dance, and Documentary Theater by Youness Atbane, 75min


UNTITLED 14 km explores how the art world currently approaches the concept of contemporary art in its relation to identity, specifically Arab identity. This is being examined through an enacted dialogue between fictional characters: an Arab-Andalusian poet, a director of the Museum of Contemporary Art, a curator and a contemporary artist. The characters are trying to set up an exhibition of contemporary art that analyzes the concept of modernism through the interpretation of the poetic writings of the Andalusian Arab era, as well as the analysis of art works by existing recognised contemporary Arab artists. This project reflects on negotiations, conflicts, competitions and illegitimacy, related to the definition of what would be a “contemporary Arab identity” in the art world



Youness Atbane

Associated Artists

Aziz Nadif / Youness Atbane / Zouheir Atbane / Kamal Adissa / Anna Weissenfels / Hanne Van Dyck / Mouad Aissi


Aziz Nadif

Sound Creation

Zouheir Atbane

Production manager

Henri Jules Julien

Installation and Technique

Rachid Latouri et Collectif Pixylone


Studio Emad EDDIN Stiftelsen & The Arab Arts Focus with the support of the Ford Foundation

The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC)

Moussem Nomadic Art center

Sundance Institut


THE 18Marrakech / L'uZine / Artlab Berlin / LTK4 Cologne / Dar Bellarj

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